Suunto Ambit2 Synchronization Failed

I tried synchronizing the moves from my Suunto to Movescount, via the Moveslink2-app on my Windows 10 Pro laptop, but the synchronization failed.

After the app was done downloading data from the device, the synchronization stopped on “Synchronizing data – 50%”.

I have recently installed Windows 10 Build 10580 (I think it is called “Threshold 2”), and was sure this update somehow affected Moveslink2. I uninstalled Moveslink2, cleaned out the “Apps”-folder in my AppData, and reinstalled it. The same problem…

After some searching online I found reports about Moveslink2 requiring that your network adapter was connected to a “home”-network (meaning the Network Connection Profile must be Private). This, in turn, means that your computer is discoverable on the network.

In Windows 10:

  • Click your network connection icon in the status bar.
  • Click “Network Settings”, just above the “Flight Mode”-tile.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the network list.
  • Click “Advanced Options”.
  • Enable “Make this PC discoverable”.


The synchronization will still fail randomly (I guess the application is not very robust…), but after this change I was able to occasionally synchronize my moves. Before this change the application always failed.

Update: Running the Moveslink2-exe in compatibility mode for Windows 8 will make the synchronization process succeed more often. You will find the exe-file in this location on your computer (Windows 10):

Update2: If nothing else works, there is a workaround:

  • Start Moveslink
  • Connect your Ambit2 GPS watch
  • Wait for “Synchronizing data – 50%”
  • Press “Settings”, and immediately press “Back” (it will seem to hang, but should respond within half a minute or so
  • Repeat previous step until “Synchronizing data” is done

3 Replies to “Suunto Ambit2 Synchronization Failed”

  1. Thanks for this info. I am having the same issue on Windows 10 and only the last option (using Back button from Settings page) works for me. This is seems like a pretty major issue for Moveslink users, since many will be using Windows 10. Do you know if Suunto plans a fix? If not, I will be looking for a new non-Suunto watch and workout site.


  2. Great posting! I have had issues with my Suunto Ambit2 synchronization using Windows 10 and now thanks to your “fix” it now works again. I have tried to find help for quite a long time. I think it is really strange that there is nothing in the official Suunto site about this. I can imagine that there are many users with the Ambit2 running Win 10 who have similar issues. Thanks a lot for your input.


  3. Thanks for the direction…using your suggestion in combination helped me sync my watch. SMH suprised there’s isn’t a patch for this issue.

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