ADMT and PES – RPC Server Unavailable

Several times during during the last year, I have encountered a weird error with ADMT (or more precisely Password Export Server Service/PES), when trying to migrate users with their passwords from one forest to another (cross-forest user migration).

Something fails during install of PES on the source DC (mostly error with user privileges, but could also be other temporary issues), but the service installs. I then use the repair function from control panel, and everything seems fine.

When I try to migrate the user passwords, the error “RPC Server Unavailable” pops up. Firewalls are not the issue, nor are there firewall appliances between the client and server.

Solution: Re-install Password Export Server service on the source DC, as a repair just will not fix the issue.

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  1. I know this is old but I found this really useful to resolve the RPC Server Unavailable issue so thanks for posting!!

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