PointSharp MFA on ADFS 3.0

I recently configured PointSharp Autentication Provider on a load balanced AD FS cluster installed on Windows Server 2012 R2.

The first cluster node installed fine, but the second gave me an error in the AD FS event log:

An error occurred loading an authentication provider. Fix configuration errors using PowerShell cmdlets and restart the Federation Service.
Identifier: PointSharpMFA
Context: Passive protocol TLS pipeline

I just searched the web for a solution, and found a similar issue with Microsoft MFA.

Turns out the PointSharp MFA Provider had registered on the first node, and the second node tried to load it. Of course the provider could not be loaded before it was installed, and therefore the error.

The solution – Unregister the PointSharp MFA with this PowerShell-cmdlet on the second node:

Unregister-AdfsAuthenticationProvider -Name PointSharpMFA

Then run the PointSharp MFA installer on the second node, and the installer will automatically re-register in AD FS.

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