KB2919355 will not install

I could not get KB2919355 to install on a Windows Server 2012 R2. This server is patched by a centrally managed WSUS, and there seemed to be some necessary updates that were not applicable. No error messages, and according to Windows Update I was all patched up, but my gut feeling told me that something was wrong…

The first thing I noticed was an issue when trying to install .Net 4.6.1. The error message stated that I needed to install KB mentioned in header, to be able to install this version of .Net. I therefore tried to install the KB in question, but it was seen as “not applicable to my system”.

Did some light searching on my favorite search engine, and found this article. Under the heading “Known issues with this update” there are suggestions for installing several KBs. I installed both KB2939087 and KB2975061.

After installing the two KBs mentioned in previous paragraph, I could successfully install KB2919355. When KB2919355 was installed, there were 211 updates available to me in Windows Updates. Currently this is my workaround, until someone fixes the central WSUS so this does not happen.

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